Lynn Gerardo - Property Manager

Property Manager Duties:

  • Handles online inquires
  • Responds promptly to Owners/Renters/Prospects by email, phone or text when urgent maintenance issues arise
  • Schedules Housekeeping
  • Provides input regarding Rental Agreement
  • Adjusts rates or offers discounts as needed to increase bookings
  • Collects Rents and Refunds deposits through online bookings
  • Advises Owner about required Maintenance & Repairs
    • Repairs of up to $300 may be scheduled by PM w/o prior authorization in case of emergencies where Owner may be unavailable

Owner Role:

  • Pays all utilities, Mortgage (if applicable) and taxes and licensing fees (Property and TPT)
  • Pays for all cleaning supplies & services
  • Pays for all Maintenance and Repairs
  • Pays for subscriptions to HomeAway, VRBO, & Flip Key if applicable
  • Responds promptly to Property Manager (PM) by email, phone or text when urgent maintenance issues arise
  • Provides Utility account #’s and phone #’s to PM
  • Obtains all necessary licenses (ADR/ Coconino County)
  • Provides copy of current insurance declaration page / names PM as additionally insured.


  • 25% of rental income (booked by PM)
  • 15% of rental income (if booked by Owner or for extended stays of 32 or more consecutive days)
  • $100 flat fee to PM for handling cancellations if due to Maintenance Emergency

Property Management Contract Template